How to Make Green Tea

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First, it is important to understand what senseibed really stands for. Senseibed is an Indonesian brand of premium coffee, similar to Starbucks or other popular coffee brands. Its special blend of coffee beans offers a rich taste and aroma that cannot be described in words. This is the main reason why coffee lovers constantly crave for this coffee brew at certain time of the day. The wonderful aroma of this coffee is the main reason why this brew remains so popular for consumers. It is available in most grocery stores around Indonesia and Asia. Looking More visit senseibet.

This coffee is available in different flavors such as normal, dark roast, mild, and extra dark roast. These are the various types of roastings used in producing this coffee. Although there are lots of coffee varieties available in the market, SenseiBeds Coffee is unique among them because it only uses natural flavorings. All the natural flavorings such as the cinnamon and cardamom are sourced from the beans that are grown in Indonesia. Therefore, this coffee has a lot of cinnamon and cardamom aroma.

It has a faint aroma of nutmeg and molasses. However, it does not have too much taste of either of them. The smell of molasses is more pronounced on the first third of the cup. The aroma gets fainter towards the end of the cup. The nutmeg and molasses fragrance are mild and pleasant.

To make it unique, we have created this recipe combining the three tastes in one drink. You will surely enjoy every sip of this drink that is sure to leave a good lasting impression on your taste buds. Try experimenting and find out your own combination so you will never get tired of this tea that has become a staple of every day living.

Prepare two cups of this amazing tea just like how you normally would. Warm up two cups of tea. After that, place the teas in ice and let it stand for four minutes. After that, remove it from the ice and stir in sugar into the steamed tea.

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